Thursday, December 30, 2010

the biggest boy of them all

I asked Corey the other night if he had read my blog...I knew the answer.   He read them right away and wanted to know why I hadn't written anything about him (pretty sure he was whiny).  That was after he critiqued my spelling.  Thanks sweetie.

Where to begin with Corey...  We have been married for 13 years, together for 15.  We met while I was score keeping for summer league basketball and he was playing on a team.  We flirted, he sang me happy birthday in the gym, we ran into each other at Rennie's and he asked me out on a date. Being the good girl that I am, I told him I wouldn't sleep with him on the first date, but maybe the second (don't worry mom I didn't).  We had a great first date; dinner at Jo Feds, sneaking into Mac Court, playing hoops at Bean Courts, and surfing the web (it was new back then).  At the end of the date he walked me to my apartment and leaned in to kiss me, I backed up and offered him a hand shake.  He said no thanks and wasn't too happy, I giggled.

Before Corey and I were engaged I knew his passion was being a basketball coach.  He was coaching at Willamette HS.  My favorite part was getting hula chick pizza from Abby's after games.   4 weeks before we got married Corey started working at Marist HS as the Athletic Director (eventually coaching boys basketball too).  5 years ago he became the Athletic Director and Men's Basketball Coach at Northwest Christian University.  I never really realized what an athletic director did until I married one.  On top of the day to day job of answering phones, talking to students, checking on grades, meetings, emails, etc--there's all the sporting events.  Volleyball, men's and women's soccer, women's and men's basketball, softball, golf, cross country, I think I might be missing a couple. When you add coach to that....yikes!  It's a lot of texting and phone calls in lieu of seeing your spouse.

With kids life got a little trickier.  I think the boys have been to more sporting events than most adults.  We attempt as many events as we can, as long as they occur before bedtime.   JJ and Jackson love going to basketball practices with Corey.   The players are great with them (although I notice a tad bit of attitude after they have been to practice).   He is a great dad!  We enjoy Oregon football games, riding bikes, heading to Gilham to ride the bike jumps, shooting hoops, camping, cutting out sports clippings and taping them to the bedroom walls, wrestling, and whatever else the boys decide they want to do.  They love their daddy's pancakes and waffles, topped with syrup and powdered sugar.  Sometimes a banana or food coloring gets added:)  When Corey is away on road trips, the boys miss him terribly.  He finally accepted a lesson on how to Skype (difficult I know) and now they love talking to him and seeing what his motel rooms look like.

Tonight he had a game against Southern Oregon, and they lost.  One of the not so fun things about being hitched to a basketball coach, they take losing pretty bad.   I am hoping they win tomorrow...or ringing in the New Year is going to be a barrel of fun!

There he is in a nutshell...or else the rated G version.  He makes me laugh and I love him lots!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Jax

Today is Jackson's 6th birthday.  The Christmas decoration are already down to make his birthday as important as the holiday that proceeds it by 3 days.  Holiday birthday's are a challenge and we have two of them (Coop's is on the 3rd).    
December 28th, 2004 at 6:44 pm he came into our lives (much easier the second time around).  A little over 8 lbs and 20.5 inches, a little hair and chubby cheeks.  I can't remember many details about his birth day.  No complications,  a good eater, a very healthy boy.  He loved his green monkey mimi from the very beginning (all the boys call their blankets their mimi's).

Jackson seems to be everyone's favorite.  He loves to smile and laugh.  He asks a lot of questions...and follow up questions...and more follow up questions.  Please don't say something to him that might not be true, because he will remember and hold you to it.  
Jackson is our middle child.  He wants everyone to listen to him and you usually don't have a choice. My dad recently had a heart to heart with me about the inner workings of the middle child.  JJ is going to do everything first, Cooper is the baby, so we get to try harder to help Jackson feel successful and heard.  His feelings get hurt and he gets fixated on certain things very easily.   I am learning quickly how to distract him to keep his planets in alignment.  Jackson has no fear of things. He is willing to try new things without hesitation, and thankfully that includes new food.  

He is my helper in the kitchen and the garden.  He wakes up early on Sundays to go grocery shopping with me.  He is my snuggler and my craft and mess maker!  He tells me he is going to live with me forever, and I am holding him to that.
Happy Birthday 6th Birthday Jackson!  I love you.  You are going to have a great day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ball Boy

JJ is the ball boy for Corey's basketball team.  He takes his job very seriously...and is very proud.  Handing water bottles, towels and shooting shirts to the players as they come off the floor.  He knows the order of the bottles in the holder (I think the starter's bottles get their own holder).  He stands tall next to his daddy during the national anthem and during the team prayer at the games end.  His dream is to play for his daddy's team.  Go Beacons!

Monday, December 20, 2010

All quiet on the homefront...

I am flying solo tonight. The boys are in McMinnville coaching, watching and cheering the Beacons on.   Jax and Coop get to have grandma and grandpa time until Tthursday (it's going to be quiet in the homestead without them).  My afternoon has been quiet and productive and very mommyish.   Eclipse and a lifetime movie, wrapping presents and my jammies...really could there be anything better?
So for now I will remain on the couch with the remote in my hands (and no one to steal it from me).  Rats....I just realized I still have to make my bed, Coop peed the bed last night and it's in shambles.  Just another day in paradise!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tackle Basketball?

Sunday morning, hot chocolate in hand and the Grinch movie playing.  Lazy way to start our day.
Last night we had a hot cocoa stand with our friends.  The rain didn't stop the enthusiasm of our elves, although it did detour people from accepting free hot cocoa (with or without peppermint and whip cream).  Who could say "no" to 7-8 kids with Santa hats yelling "free hot chocolate, donations welcome"  while standing on the curb in the rain with the hot cocoa ready to be handed through the car windows? We received several waves and a few grinches who completely avoided eye contact. Thank to those friends and families that did stop by. Donations were welcome and will be donated to a charity or person of each kiddos choice. Nonetheless we had a great time and next year we may dress up as the Griswalds to invoke a little more holiday cheer.

Yesterday, Cooper finally participated in basketball during his last day of Itty Bitty camp  He was hanging from the rim, dribbling, shooting and trying to rush the point guard.  We think he was getting his sports mixed up. He would dribble once and bolt for the hoop.  When one of his teammates had the ball, he would rush her to encourage the fumble.  Tunnel tag and 3 on 3 with the parents were the crowd favorites with lots of laughter in the Y gym.
Cooper and his girlfriends Annika

Daddy and Coop
Tunnel Tag

Nice form Coop!

Enjoy your lazy Sunday with hopefully some sunshine.  I think I hear Jackson talking Corey into going to VooDoo Donuts for breakfast...gotta go!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Party's

Jackson and his holiday tree
Finally in jammies and snuggled on the couch watching an ABC Family Christmas special.   Boys all nestled down in their beds after driving around admiring the beautiful lights (the live nativity scene was a favorite).

Today was the last day of school before Winter Break.  Jackson had a Gingerbread Party in his class this morning .  We decorated cookies, drank hot cocoa, and had fun with foam art.

Cooper's Christmas singing may have been the highlight of the day.  Corey, JJ and Jackson and I all agreed that Cooper wouldn't sing.  We though for sure he would freeze up...little did we know our little man was about to surprise us.

And here he is.  We are pretty sure everyone at the Y heard him!

Cooper waving to his adoring fans.
the boys and I at Christmas
It's late...the biggest boy has gone to bed (after snoring next to me on the couch).  I am not sure how he could sleep during such a great chick flick.   Hope everyone has a great weekend...snow dance anyone?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Day started with yummy sugary biscuits, a favorite of the three.  Add a handful of raisin and it's a perfect way to start the day.
Cooper observing at Itty Bitty

Cooper had Itty Bitty basketball this morning. He loves to dribble and shoot (before and after the class) and likes to observe during.  Jackson helps out at the front desk and JJ shoots at any available hoop in the Y gym.

Today we headed to the downtown library.  JJ has been on a Mary Celeste kick, and has been throwing out facts left and right.  "Hey Mom, did you know this, did you know that."  A very patient and wonderful librarian helped him find a two great books to help with the unanswered questions.  He also checked out a Michael Jackson book...did you know his middle name is Joseph?

We walked up the street to our friend Kenady's volleyball game.  The deal was we couldn't splash in the puddles on the walk there, but we could on the way back.  And boy did we ever!  We found a side street that had the biggest puddles, perfect for 3 boys wearing rubber boots and rain jackets.  The boys were smiling and laughing and the garage had a creek of water running out the door from their belongings.

Corey's team is in Washington this weekend.  We are ending our day by watching his game on the computer and reading our library books.

May visions of sugar plums dance in your heads.  Sweet Dreams.

Friday, December 10, 2010

15 days until Christmas

Friday night and all are sleeping in the Anderson house.  We watched a Mickey's Christmas Carol tonight, Cooper laughing at Chip and Dale throwing ornaments at Pluto.
I have thought about starting a blog for a couple years, always talking myself out of it.  I am the world's worse speller and my grammar needs help.  But here I am on a Friday night dipping my toes in the blogging water.  I have stories to tell of my adventures with my three amazing boys.  From school to sports to the Y and all the shots in between.
I was going to name the blog "Point it down"  but I didn't want to offend anyone.  If I had a nickel for every time I said those words to one of the three...I'd get my toes done monthly.  "Shooting the ball" it is.   Whether it's shooting, kicking, passing, throwing, catching or running with, balls play a big part in our lives.  Enjoy the adventure of the boys through the eyes of their mom...
Sweet dreams everyone...