Saturday, April 30, 2011


Recently we talked about Disneyland and how tall the boys all needed to be.   40 inches for most rides.  Coops about 3 1/2 inches away.  We have a measuring stick in the hallway that we mark the boys height on.  This morning he asks when will he be tall enough to go to Candyland.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Rainforests and Happy Meals

Tonight JJ tells me we can't eat hamburgers from fast food restaurants anymore (we do infrequently).  I ask him why?  Wondering where this is going.  He starts to tell me about the rainforests and bamboo and the cows in Central America.  I am lost.  After all, I get my news from Twitter.  Corey lets him know we will remind him of his boycotting of happy meals, next time he wants one.
I took this as a learning opportunity for me.  Here is what I googled (I love google).

The United States imports roughly 200 million pounds of beef from Central America every year. Aside from the fuel used in transport, grazing land is needed for all of these animals. Where does all that land come from in a densely forested region? The answer: from clear-cutting forests and rainforest A Smithsonian study estimates that the necessity for more grazing land means that every minute of every day, a land area equivalent to seven football fields is destroyed in the Amazon basin(1).
For each hamburger that originated from animals raised on rainforest land, approximately55 square feet of forest have been destroyed. And its not just the rainforest. In the United States, more than 260 million acres of forest have been clear-cut for animal agriculture (2). With increased per capita meat consumption, and an ever growing population, we can only expect to see more deforestation in the future.

We all need to do a better job with our food purchasing, recycling, reusing for one very simple reason.  Our children.  Thank you Mrs. Siporin, 3rd grade teacher Gilham Elementary.  You Rock!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ahhhh Boys

I listen to mom podcasts and read mom blogs. Cheesy mom thing to do at 6:00 am when the house is still quiet.  Yesterday I was listening to a Manic Mommies podcast (on youth football).  They mentioned that moms of girls are the happiest, moms of 1 boys and one girl are pretty happy, moms of two boys start to lost a little of the happiness, and moms of more than 2 boys-well they have gone off the deep end.  I giggled when I heard that, probably because the last two books I have purchase have been "The Happiness Project" and "The Happiest Mom". Both I have started and neither have I finished.  I haven't even made it past Chapter 2.  Not because I don't want to be happier.  I am trying to make it through "No More Meltdowns" to help with the numerous meltdowns that occur in a house of 3 boys, that would make my happier.

After all the fighting, double knotting, driving to sports practices, filling up water bottles, wiping the toilet seats, turning socks the right way, dodging basketballs in the living room-when they get too loud in the house, I can say "If you have a penis, go outside and play."  And then I can breath and smile and everyone is happy!