Friday, September 9, 2011

First day of School

First day of school for the boys yesterday. JJ is in 4th grade with a great teacher who has given homework then first week....yeah!

He gets to wear glasses this year, when he sits further from the white board, a tad near sighted. Picking out glasses was fun, as soon as he saw the Avatar glasses he was set. He is excited to study Oregon this year. Football has begun and is kicking my butt! And yes I did say my butt. Practices 4 nights a week, 2 hours a night with and optional 15 minute pre practice. Really optional. He has been tired the last 2 nights. Practice over at 8 and home to homework and dinner. Get used to it kiddo!
Jackson started 1st grade and was excited to get the same teacher as last year. He is sitting at a table with girls and loves it. He has his own style, notice the tye dye and camo.

Jackson is going to have a great year. His speech is going to be tested next week and I am hopeful that we will begin to understand more of what he is telling us. Jackson loves to talk and tell us stories, and has been getting frustrated when he aren't able to understand all the amazing things.
Coop is in preschool again at the Y. He loves his teachers and his friends. He gets to to have lessons in the big pool and become a great swimmer like his brothers. Thank goodness for swim lessons at the Y.

Happy first week of school boys! Bring on the homework and Go Ducks!

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