Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson! 

Today is your birthday.  You've accomplished TONS in the last year.
  • Kindergarten-check
  • Started 1st grade-check
  • Tball-check
  • Soccer-check
  • Camping-check
  • Basketball-check
  • Math Wiz-check
  • Swimming-check
  • Cheered for the Ducks and NCU-check
  • Becoming a better reader-check
  • Drawing, coloring, and creating-check
You are my busy little man.  From here to there and everywhere, you have questions about everything and for everyone.  And the best part, you usually remember it all.  
You are my helper in the kitchen and grocery shopping.  Remembering what we are out of and what we need.
You love boxes.  Wanting to create and build something with them.
You are a collector.  I think you take after your Great Grandpa.  Keeping everything you make.  Who knows, you never know when you might need that special something.
You are constantly moving.  You're little body going 100 miles a minute, like a hummingbird.  Helping you to be successful and figure out how to slow down is something we are working on, trying everything we know.
You are look up to your big brother JJ and you are a great big brother to Cooper.  
You enjoy going to see Grandpa and Grandma, helping them stack wood, drive the tractor, grocery shop.  
You still tell me that you will live with me forever.  Another year I have cherished with you Jackson.  You are an amazing boy and I love you very much.  Have a great birthday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The seasons come, the seasons go

JJ's football season ended yesterday.  They played in the championship game at Autzen and got wallopped!  Getting to play on the same field that LaMichael James and Darren Thomas play...is pretty cool (the words of a 9 year old).   Next sport up-basketball!  JJ will get a couple weeks off...and this mom is thankful for that.

Jackson's soccer season ended and quickly moved into basketball.  Jackson loved soccer.  He is a quick runner and enjoyed passing and scoring.   His smile is contagious on the field and court.

Cooper tags along.  He goes where his brothers are practicing.    He kicks the soccer ball and plays sharks and minnows, or he dribbles the basketball during warm ups.  He has had his basketball clothes laid out for YMCA basketball for 2 weeks and it doesn't begin until mid December.  We can assume Cooper will be following in his big brothers footsteps .

Here's to more basketball then I know what to do with...until March.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First day of School

First day of school for the boys yesterday. JJ is in 4th grade with a great teacher who has given homework then first week....yeah!

He gets to wear glasses this year, when he sits further from the white board, a tad near sighted. Picking out glasses was fun, as soon as he saw the Avatar glasses he was set. He is excited to study Oregon this year. Football has begun and is kicking my butt! And yes I did say my butt. Practices 4 nights a week, 2 hours a night with and optional 15 minute pre practice. Really optional. He has been tired the last 2 nights. Practice over at 8 and home to homework and dinner. Get used to it kiddo!
Jackson started 1st grade and was excited to get the same teacher as last year. He is sitting at a table with girls and loves it. He has his own style, notice the tye dye and camo.

Jackson is going to have a great year. His speech is going to be tested next week and I am hopeful that we will begin to understand more of what he is telling us. Jackson loves to talk and tell us stories, and has been getting frustrated when he aren't able to understand all the amazing things.
Coop is in preschool again at the Y. He loves his teachers and his friends. He gets to to have lessons in the big pool and become a great swimmer like his brothers. Thank goodness for swim lessons at the Y.

Happy first week of school boys! Bring on the homework and Go Ducks!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


You are my first.  The littlest to be born.  Who's entry in to the world reminds me of Rafiki in The Lion King.  Legs crossed in a yoga pose. You will turn 9 today (August 10).  Football and 4th grade are about to begin.

1 month old
  • You are my freckled face boy.  Beautiful brown eyes, long eye lashes and an amazing smile.  
1st birthday

  • You are my helper.  Most likely the first to put toys away, the first to be ready for bed, the first to complete your chores.   
2nd birthday
  • You are my reader.  Stacks of book adorn your bed.  Magazines all over and the first to grab the sports page to see what transactions took place the day before.
3rd birthday
  • Sports Nut! You could go a month and not wear the same jersey twice:)  You quiz Daddy and your friends with sports trivia usually stumping them.

4th birthday
  • Music Music Music.  You enjoy Michael Jackson (Thriller, Beat It) and you can bust out the centipede.  You go through phases of other songs.  You have a silent interest in Justin Beiber (and we won't tell anyone just in case they pick on you) and you and Daddy went to see the movie:)  The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney is currently one of your favorites.  Throw in a little Johnny Cash and we are good.
5th birthday
  • Listening to you and your brothers play nicely together with Star Wars, skate boards, books, art, basketball is fun.  As the 3 of you get older, you are going to be doing more and more together.  Jackson and Cooper look up to you.  When they see you doing something, they want to be just like you.  Continue to be a good leader for them and your friends.

6th birthday
  • Your favorite word since you were 5 has been perseverance.   On the court, in the classroom, on the field, at home.  You keep working until you get it done.  

7th birthday
My job as your mommy is to help you become a great kid.  Great attitude, good manners, respectful, responsible, honest and caring.  Your job is to have fun, do great in school, be a great friend, try hard in sports and smile.

8th birthday

Happy Birthday JJ Bean.  Because of you I am a mommy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day at the Beach

Today we took a 12 hour trip to the Oregon coast.   The majority of our trips as a family (just the 5 of us) are driving to and from places.  Today was a day for the Anderson 5 to spend together having fun!

We started at the Newport Aquarium.

Coop and the jellyfish

JJ the shark about to take a BITE!

Then we headed south, checked out a couple campgrounds for a future trip, had lunch, and stopped at Devils Punchbowl, and ended at Haceta Beach.

Devils Punchbowl

The boys ran straight for the water...quickly found the sticks and rocks, and the waves quickly found them.

Boys working together to build a sand castle that the ocean soon leveled.

Happy toes!

The caves at the end of the beach at Haceta Beach are great for bears or daddy's acting like bears.

I am the bear!

The most important people to me.

Sometimes I have no idea what they are doing...it's all apart of the fun of being a mommy.

Sand writing.

We ended our adventure at Mo's in Florence.  A amazing meal with well behaved boys.  A stranger paid our bill (tip included).  Thank you Sir, whomever you are.  We will pay it forward, again and again. In kindness.

A memorable day that ended with 2 boys asleep in the car and sand covered toes.  A perfect day, that will be repeated soon.  I love you boys!