Sunday, November 13, 2011

The seasons come, the seasons go

JJ's football season ended yesterday.  They played in the championship game at Autzen and got wallopped!  Getting to play on the same field that LaMichael James and Darren Thomas pretty cool (the words of a 9 year old).   Next sport up-basketball!  JJ will get a couple weeks off...and this mom is thankful for that.

Jackson's soccer season ended and quickly moved into basketball.  Jackson loved soccer.  He is a quick runner and enjoyed passing and scoring.   His smile is contagious on the field and court.

Cooper tags along.  He goes where his brothers are practicing.    He kicks the soccer ball and plays sharks and minnows, or he dribbles the basketball during warm ups.  He has had his basketball clothes laid out for YMCA basketball for 2 weeks and it doesn't begin until mid December.  We can assume Cooper will be following in his big brothers footsteps .

Here's to more basketball then I know what to do with...until March.