Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!

The Ducks big win was a great early birthday present.  A trophy.  All you wanted to see was the trophy.  And yes it will be coming home with them.
4 years old.  You are becoming quite an independent boy.  
Keeping up with your brothers in sports, jersey and uniform changes depending on the sport of the minute.  
Cheering for your brothers, the Ducks and the Beacons loudly!  
You are a great eater, trying new foods sometimes and other times staging your own Occupy Cooper. 
You love the Cars movies, and play with your cars daily,  acting out your own scenes.  
You are your own pirate.  Argh, ahoy there and walk the plank.  
You got your first fishing pole for your birthday and finally you will get to go fishing with Grandpa and your brothers.  
You love superheros, especially Batman and you are know that I really am Wonder Woman.

Have a great birthday Cooper!  We love you, even with your stinky toots!