Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson! 

Today is your birthday.  You've accomplished TONS in the last year.
  • Kindergarten-check
  • Started 1st grade-check
  • Tball-check
  • Soccer-check
  • Camping-check
  • Basketball-check
  • Math Wiz-check
  • Swimming-check
  • Cheered for the Ducks and NCU-check
  • Becoming a better reader-check
  • Drawing, coloring, and creating-check
You are my busy little man.  From here to there and everywhere, you have questions about everything and for everyone.  And the best part, you usually remember it all.  
You are my helper in the kitchen and grocery shopping.  Remembering what we are out of and what we need.
You love boxes.  Wanting to create and build something with them.
You are a collector.  I think you take after your Great Grandpa.  Keeping everything you make.  Who knows, you never know when you might need that special something.
You are constantly moving.  You're little body going 100 miles a minute, like a hummingbird.  Helping you to be successful and figure out how to slow down is something we are working on, trying everything we know.
You are look up to your big brother JJ and you are a great big brother to Cooper.  
You enjoy going to see Grandpa and Grandma, helping them stack wood, drive the tractor, grocery shop.  
You still tell me that you will live with me forever.  Another year I have cherished with you Jackson.  You are an amazing boy and I love you very much.  Have a great birthday!

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