Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday morning we lost our beloved Raider.  She was our first baby.  13 in dog years and 104 in human years.  Raider had the perfect life and was the perfect dog.  The last couple years she has been hanging on.  She had cancer and it spread to her lymph nodes.  She stopped eating and drinking on Thursday, and we could see her slowly go. Corey took her to the vet, we could feel the hard mass in her throat, and we knew it was time.  Raider knew it was time.  
You will be missed Raider Dog.
camping at Beverly Beach

Barkley and Raider


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring break continues

I have the time, so I might as well write:)  
Monday our fun surprise was a movie, don't be jealous but we watched Yogi Bear.  The boys are now repeating Yogi's lines thanks to Corey.
Tuesday our adventures lead us north, to Grandma's and Grandpa's.  We ate a quick dinner and headed off to "meet one of Granny's friends."  We drove into Portland, stopped off at motel, we couldn't remember where Granny's friend lived and started in the direction of the Rose Garden.   Jackson points out the RG first, we pull into the parking lot,  JJ wants to know what we are doing.  Well boys, we are going to a Blazer Game.  Yahoo!  But mom, we don't have our Blazer clothes.  Silly boys, daddy packed them for you in the back of the car.  JJ lets us know his dream is to watch Lebron James, but he is excited.  Off we go!  We make our signs inside, shoot some hoops at the blow up thing, and head to our seats.  Grandma and Grandpa with us to cheer the Blazers on!  Finally Brandon Roy goes in and the boys go NUTS!  The game was fun, I got to see my friend Janie (she was a couple rows behind us) and we ate some Dibbs.  A great game!

Wednesday morning we wake up and spend the morning with Great Grandma.  She has snacks waiting for the boys on the counter and a bag of leftover Halloween candy for Jackson.  She knows how to spoil her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We talked and listened to Grandma's story's and the boys shared their latest school and extra curricular activities.  

Mid afternoon and the sun is still shining, the boys, Corey and Grandpa go try out the Newberg Skate Park.  Mom and I stayed home and enjoyed a couple hours to talk and talk and talk without little boys interrupting.  I loved it!  The boys had a blast at the skate park and will be wanting to go back again soon.

Our drive home was an education in youth antics. I made the comment that someone had been playing mailbox baseball.  The boys wanted to know what that was.  We saw another mailbox smashed and the explanation began.  Little did I know the man I married played a little mailbox baseball when he was younger, except they used zucchinis that flew like rockets when thrown from a moving car.  He shared this with the impressionable youth in the back seat.  He quickly added that it was not a good idea and his punishment was harsh, 100 hours of homework and he had to marry me. He is so fast on his feet.  
Home again we are...boys in bed, tired from the latest adventures.  Sleep tight little ones, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

beginning of Spring Break

Spring Break has begun...
Started off with dinner and drinks with friends at The Bridge.  Boys were happy at the Y for Parents Night Out, swimming and watching a movie with the amazing staff.
Saturday we went on a long bike ride, looked at the turtles and geese and watched a couple innings of Marist Baseball.  Jackson and JJ love their new bikes.  Jackson can finally keep up with the rest of us and not be frustrated...well for the majority of the trip. 
JJ and Jackson decided to perform some science experiments, all went well until baking soda and vinegar were overflowing on the kitchen counter and the floor.  Yep, the mom voice came out. The boys got to put clean dishes away and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher as their penance for not being careful scientists.
small version of the volcano we hope to build
cleaning the kitchen after the Mt Anderson explosion
Sunday Jackson, Cooper and I unloaded the playground chips, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.  Such great helpers I have.  Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for a classmate of Jackson's, playing in the backyard, and the first barbecue of the season!  
bark chips and boys

boys with marshmallow shooters :)

Coop and Jax

yummy homemade hamburgers...kudos to the Chef!

We close our weekend with making our own trail mix.  Nothing to fancy, choices in bowls and our own bags.  All ready for an adventure tomorrow...can't wait for our staycation!

making our yummy trail mix

Happy Spring Break Everyone!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Darn Leprechaun

Liam the Leprechaun paid us a visit last night.  As he has the last several years.
Playing tricks about the house.

  • peeing green in the toilets
  • throwing Jax and Coops undies all around their bedroom
  • emptying JJ's sports cards all over his bedroom floor
  • hiding gold around the house
  • throwing Jax's (green) clothes up on the basketball hoop
  • spreading out Corey's hats on the couch
  • emptying JJ's baseball bag
  • and left us Lucky Charms for breakfast.
Jackson was so excited to find all the mischief about the house, running from room to room.  We opened up the fridge to find green milk!  That silly leprechaun was everywhere!
My silly leprechauns

Jax has sock style!

a little bling bling!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone...and Happy first day of March Madness!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today was a day.  One of those days that you wish you could wake up on the other side of the bed and do over.   The days is almost over, and persevere we will...until bedtime!

The boys were crazy this morning, forgetting what needed to happen to get themselves out the door and on their way to school.  It was Cooper's mud walk and I am amazed with myself for remembering to pack the extra change of clothes.  Words of love exchanged with the biggest boy about getting up a little earlier to help out, and more kind words exchanged about what is on his calendar this week.  Not the best time to have a chat about the weekly calendar, but I got my point across.

Email exchanges with Corey about various topics, my stress level rises...or was it my anxiety.   His email lists of upcoming events has nothing on my lengthy list of meetings and trainings. In Hollyworld, April-June are the busiest months.  Summer camp, summer camp, summer camp...and more summer camp, all planning:)

JJ arrives to my office in the afternoon (he was a stinker in the morning so he was going to spend the afternoon with me doing homework and reading).  He arrives upset.  He made a bad choice at school.  He tells me a gentle version of the story, in tears.  Knowing that I would be disappointed.   We talk.  I talk to his teacher.  He knows his consequences at school and at home.  No baseball practice, the first baseball practice.

Tough pants on, we make it through the afternoon.  He sits on the couch now, reading his First Shot book out loud.  Homework is corrected and almost complete.  Dinner is in the oven.  Jax and Coop are in the playroom playing grunge band.  I don't remember being such a a stinker when I was 8.  I wonder who he gets this from...