Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Day

It was a great day in the Anderson household.  Morning went off without a hitch.  Boys up, ready for school, breakfast, brushing without Mommy the Drill Sargent appearing. We get home and homework, setting the table, dinner, playing, reading books, bedtime...without tears and complaining.  Please let my stars be in alignment tomorrow and the next day.
Proud mommy moments from today-

  • At dinner we talk about what we are proud of from the day, and what things we could have worked better at.  Order is oldest to youngest.  Me-I could have focused on projects at work a little closer. Jackson says he needs to do a better job at circle in kindergarten with keeping his mouth shut.  Love that kid!
  • Jackson had a great time putting name tags on things around the house...all in the pursuit of learning.  Corey comes home from work and wonders why the door, table, dresser are all named. :)
  • JJ asks before bedtime if he can watch Martin Luther Kings Jr. speech on youtube.  How can I say no to that?
  • Coop had pink eye today...he had fun hanging out with Daddy this morning.  
  • Coops at that age where you either have a penis or you don't.  If you have one, it's either bigger or smaller than his.  Get the picture?  
Never a dull moment in a house of boys!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

my soap box...

I just read an article about two 8th grade basketball coaches who got into a punching match over one player tripping another player.  Seriously?  I have been around my fair share of sporting events, most likely more than my fair share.  Youth sports have gotten completely out of control. Elementary school kids don't need special uniforms, parents keeping stats on the bench or huge trophy's at the end of the season.  They all should be saved for when you get to play Varsity in high school.  Coaches should be teaching the basic fundamentals of the sports, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.  Taking  knee when a player is injured, shaking the other coaches and the officials hand after the game, and being a graceful loser.

Most are coaches are volunteers.  It is not an easy task to find 150 people to volunteer their time to coach a youth basketball team.  I am one of those volunteers.  My fears have been not playing everyone equally and having a son who is a ball hog.  The first I think I did a good job one, the second is a work in progress.

Officials-usually you need 1-2 officials a game. Yes it's a paid gig, and most are probably in high school.  They needed a job so they sought out their local Y or Kidsports.  They are doing their best. It is difficult to officiate a game when you have an overzealous mom screaming at you to watch out because #4 is pushing her baby.  It's a game.

Youth sports are suppose to be fun.  Leaning the skills, accomplishing the first play, making a great pass, and having fun with your friends.  The majority of coaches do a great job.  It's those crazy few who don't have a clue about good sportsmanship and winning is the most important thing, and the 3rd grade team that has special uniforms and a website to show the world their stats.

Today as a mommy, I will be focusing on my ball hogs, yep I have two.

Off my soap box for now:)